Doing Business in Ghana

August 21, 2020

Ghana has become an attractive investment destination due to its relative political stability, fast growing economy and the government’s commitment to market liberalization. It is considered the business hub of the West African sub-region and the last two decades has seen an increase in foreign investment in various sectors. The Government of Ghana has been putting in place various reforms to improve its investment climate and promote increased economic development. However, they are a few restrictions and local content requirements for certain industries that should borne in mind by investors seeking to operate in those sectors.

 Our Doing Business in Ghana guide provides an overview of the significant aspects of conducting business in the Ghanaian market including the permissible corporate vehicles, employment, taxation and intellectual property laws as well as significant regulatory reforms targeted at foreign investors. This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide and investors are to seek tailored in-depth advice from legal counsel and other professionals on the relevant issues covered in this guide.

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