ND&C LaunchPad

ND&C LaunchPad

ND&C LaunchPad is an educational platform providing free legal education to all, and access to subsidized legal services for businesses founded, controlled and generally run by women. LaunchPad’s primary purpose is to help early-stage businesses meet regulatory and compliance standards necessary to grow without breaking the bank. We do this, by providing free educational material, and discounted advisory services to deserving young businesses.

During our period of engagement, LaunchPad's dedicated team of legal experts provide comprehensive audits of the compliance matters of businesses, while offering trainings and material on legal aspects of business operations, feedback on simple legal questions, and access to a one-of-a-kind suite of template documents to mitigate business risk and govern all aspects of our client’s operations.


The Need for LaunchPad

ND&C LaunchPad was created out of N. Dowuona & Company’s desire to provide impactful legal insight to young woman-led businesses in a way that is efficient, cost effective and reliable. Knowing that women work twice as hard to get half as far as men, we are resolute in our resolve to ensure adequate representation where it matters. By providing access to resources and expertise otherwise outside the reach of these businesses, we seek to actively assist our clients minimize legal risk and make them more competitive.


The LaunchPad Offering

LaunchPad currently exists in two configurations. LaunchPad and LaunchPad Plus (+)

LaunchPad, is a free educational platform providing resources which discuss various questions around the issues of general permits and licensing, labour, employment, intellectual property and proper corporate governance. We host regular interactive sessions on social media aimed at educating and providing clarity on legal issues.

LaunchPad Plus (+) affords businesses the opportunity to properly organize operations by providing tailored audits of operating and governance structures with a view to optimize these operations and minimize risk. We assist businesses by providing access to resources and expertise otherwise outside the reach of young businesses. In doing so, LaunchPad Plus empowers these businesses to minimize legal risk and make them more competitive.



Business Resources


Corporate Governance FAQ's

Know more about Corporate Governance in Ghana, why it is important to your business and the corporate structures your business should have.



Forms of Business Entities FAQ's

There are three forms of business entities under Ghanaian law. Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships and Companies. They each come with different rights restrictions and obligations,  and allow people to engage in business in a way that's best suited to the amount of risk they are willing to take on.



Intellectual Property FAQ's

Calling all creatives! Do you want to prevent others from using your work or creation without your consent? Learn about Copyright, Patent and Trademark rights available in Ghana.



Data Protection FAQ's

Data Protection ensures that information collected from individuals are processed in ways that protect the privacy and integrity of the individuals. Businesses need to know about data protection to comply with the mandatory rules and principles under the Data Protection Act in dealing with employee and client information.



Doing Business Online

Online businesses in Ghana need to comply with general laws and obligations that apply to operating an online business. Learn more about them here?



 Fashion Law in Ghana